The Day After Tomorrow In America

Will it be the end, or the beginning of a new day in the U.S.A.?

A road in San Francisco, California in April 2020. Photo: Omar Moore

Where will the United States of America be the day after tomorrow?

Which road will the country travel down? Further down Fascism Road? Or on a new avenue?

Hold on to your hats, scarves and loved ones. (And not in that order.)

While these days are a time of trepidation and understandable anxiety in the USA, this is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for change — or at least a respite from these last four nightmarish years and one hellish, hellacious calendar year.

Hopefully you have voted. If you haven’t, please ask yourself why, what with everything that has occurred around you in the USA over these last four years, you have decided to not vote.

Ask yourself why over 98 million people (and counting) have already voted while you have not.

Please vote. Your children and future generations will thank you. Too many people have sacrificed their lives for you to be apathetic and indifferent.

One of the things that must be emphasized is that the strongest form of democracy is one where you and as many others as possible are continuous participants.

Ask yourself what life issues affect you most or are of greatest importance to you. And look at the candidate who articulates the issue best. (Joe Biden.)

Granted, the work will be hard and long when Joe Biden is elected.

We must push and lobby Joe Biden for an agenda that goes beyond the standard middle-roading ineffectual tweaks. This pandemic demands it. Generations demand it.

We must demand a progressive agenda that truly moves us forward into the 21st century.

We must strategize and organize right now. Proactivity is the key.

Joe Biden will listen and can be pushed. Donald Trump won’t even listen to his closest advisers.

The choice is clear.

Donald Trump, who has lied over 25,000 times in less than four years in the White House, has been an abject failure on the economy.

Joe Biden has an economic plan. No doubt about it. He will not raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000. When Joe Biden was in the White House with Barack Obama he saved the auto industry and spearheaded a critical economic recovery from the recessionary mess that the prior Republican George W. Bush left the USA.

This is the time to vote. Tell your friends and family to do so. Text. Phone bank. Do everything you can to end the reign of a psychopathic, sociopathic genocidal freak.

Vote for change. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

What will the day after tomorrow look like? You have the power to decide that today. And tomorrow.

Don’t delay. Vote today.

Omar Moore is the host of The Politicrat daily podcast which is available almost everywhere you get your podcasts including Apple and Podbay. Follow Omar on Twitter: @thepopcornreel. Follow The Politicrat on Facebook and Twitter.